Iowa Groundwater and Public Health Symposium 
March 11, 2014 Des Moines, Iowa

Full Proceedings are available in audio, power point presentation and PDF text at:

Abstract: Most of us drink, bath, cook and clean with groundwater every day. Despite groundwater’s prevalence in our daily lives, there is still much that needs to be understood involving the connection of groundwater and our health. The Iowa Groundwater and Public Health Symposium provided expert, informed presentations and networking opportunities for drinking water professionals, public health professionals, researchers, policy makers, agencies, and communities. This cooperative IGWA-CHEEC symposium highlighted recent research and surveillance projects on viruses, arsenic and nitrate contamination combined with cutting edge groundwater characterization. Potential health impacts of these common drinking water contaminants were discussed, and a look at possible future groundwater contaminant issues was presented.

Symposium co-sponsors:

Iowa Groundwater Association