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CHEEC administers a seed grant program supporting pilot level research across a range of environmental health research topics. "Pilot" research refers to small-scale projects designed to test new and unusual hypotheses, develop innovative methodologies in both laboratory and field settings, or perform initial statistical analyses to support efforts to acquire federal or private grants for larger studies. This research funding supports the University of Iowa strategic goals by providing graduate level research opportunities and strengthening graduate level programs, creates distinguished innovative research, and fosters interdisciplinary development of research and service opportunities.

CHEEC awards approximately one-third of its annual state allocation to seed monies. In return, the research program generates over ten dollars in external funding for every dollar invested. Our most recent data show that CHEEC seed grant projects have attracted an additional $28 million in external funding for researchers at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. Seed funding provides hands-on learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level students enhancing their education experience and preparing them for their professional life.

CHEEC seed grants are awarded but not limited to pilot studies on exposure and risk assessment, innovative environmental remediation techniques, original monitoring and sampling methods, laboratory methods development, statistical analysis relating environmental exposures to health outcomes, database design and development, health survey design, and studies based on innovative biochemical, molecular, genetic, and cellular approaches that aid understanding of mechanisms of toxicity relating human exposure to environmental contaminants.

Who May Apply
CHEEC is a state of Iowa funded research center. Faculty, staff and students at colleges or universities in Iowa, and researchers and educators affiliated with state of Iowa environmental or health agencies are encouraged to apply.