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CHEEC has an active research program. In addition to its seed grant program, CHEEC initiates and develops environmental health research projects and works cooperatively as co-investigators with researchers at a number of  universities, federal agencies, and state of Iowa environmental and health departments.

Current Research 
Currently, CHEEC staff are working on or supporting several projects either as co-investigators, by providing database management services or financial match.

Cooperative Research 
Since 1999 CHEEC has actively worked with researchers to implement cooperative research programs that leverage data and funding from university, state, and federal entities to conduct research in areas of mutual interest. The collaboration requires matching funds from participating entities.

Since the Cooperative Research Program was established, 17 projects have been funded.  This investment has generated almost $1,700,000 in matching funds, or almost four dollars in match for every dollar awarded by the center.

Please contact if you are interested to learn more about this program.

Archived Research Projects
Descriptions and listings of past CHEEC research.