Collection of historical municipal drinking water data for Iowa municipalities population 750-1,000

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Project Period: 
Project Investigator(s): 
CF Lynch, M Gleaves, M Finn, Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health, The University of Iowa

This data collection and management project was developed to upgrade existing historical information for municipal water supplies in the state of Iowa with populations 750-1,000. There are 77 such communities. These data included the name of the source, the year the supply began providing water to a community, the year a source stopped providing to a community, treatment type, etc. An initial pilot study contacted ten municipal water treatment plants to test the adequacy of the questionnaire. A telephone interview followed within a week of initial contact. Results from the pilot questionnaire showed the data collection process to be efficient, and the remaining communities were contacted in a similar manner. Data collected was added to the CHEEC database on municipal water supplies. This data is being utilized by CHEEC researchers looking at source of drinking water and health effects. Methods developed in this project were later utilized to collect historical data for Iowa towns population 250-749. Technical Report Available.