Development of Laboratory Techniques for the Study of Heterogeneous Chemistry of Environmental Contamination on Mineral Aerosol

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PD Kleiber, Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Iowa

The objective of this work is to develop new laboratory techniques for the study of heterogeneous processes involving environmental contaminants on mineral aerosol particle surfaces (such as wind blown soil) under conditions of temperature, pressure, and relative humidity appropriate to the troposphere and surface boundary layer. New laboratory strategies are needed to quantify the chemistry and physical transport process of aerosol particles under atmospheric conditions, and to investigate how these processes affect the fate of key environmental contaminants.


Prince A, Wade J, Grassian V, Kleiber P, Young M; Heterogeneous reactions of soot aerosols with nitrogen dioxide and nitric acid: atmospheric chamber and Knudsen cell studies. Atmospheric Environment. 2002; 36