Enhancing Bioaerosol Exposure Assessment: A Comparison of Three Commercially Available Impingers Investigators

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T Pearce, P Thorne, Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, The University of Iowa

Currently there are no definitions of acceptable exposure or enforceable standards to hazardous bioaerosols that are associated with a high burden of morbidity and mortality. Emerging airborne diseases intensifies the importance of improving methodology for bioaerosol exposure assessment. Improvements will require characterizing the capabilities and limitations of existing methodology and the development of new techniques. Impinger samplers hold promise for current assessments, as they possess high collection efficiency and sample analysis flexibility. The study seeks to characterize the collection efficiencies of three commercially available impinger samplers using culture based and non-culture based methods of analysis. Information and data generated is intended to advance bioaerosol assessment in the present and improve methodology in the future.