Evaluation of pesticide exposure during application and incidental contact with treated areas of turf

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BC Kross, H Nicholson, L Ogilvie, Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health, The University of Iowa

Direct exposure to pesticides of persons walking or recreating on lawn and turf areas has become a common concern to the public and the scientific community. Exposures acquired during the application of both agricultural and lawn chemicals have been measured extensively. However, exposure among bystanders and post application entrants in treated areas has been minimal. This study will provide estimates of these exposures by utilizing the Video Imaging Technique for Assessing Exposure (VITAE System). Using fluorescent dye as a surrogate, potential dermal exposures will be quantified through image analysis for applicators and for bystanders, as well. Use of the VITAE System allows for evaluation of potential dermal exposures to a variety of pesticide types and classes.